We are a radiant and dynamic team.

Founded in 2016, we attach great importance to quality and would like to relieve our customers with our service.

We always carry out our services with great care and competence. Flexibility, thoroughness and commitment are our hallmarks.

You can rely on quality and trust - that's what we stand for, 


Holiday home/ 2nd home
Booking Management

Arrival and departure formalities
Cleaning at change of tenant
Window cleaning
Intermediate cleaning of all kinds
Basic cleaning of all kinds
Renovation works
Custodian service
Small repairs

Private and Household
Final cleaning in case of change of apartment
Cleaning of the household
Bath cleaning
Kitchen cleaning
Floor cleaning
Stairwell cleaning
Bed Linen
Window and glass cleaning

About Us

Office and Commercial Areas
Maintenance cleaning
Window cleaning
Cleaning at the end of the construction phase
Final cleaning after removal
Custodian service

Our Services

Our Prices

The following additional costs are already included in the hourly wage:

Arrival and departure Lugano Centre and Locarno Centre free up to 5km, then Fr 5.90 per 10km or part thereof.
- Key insurance
- liability insurance
- accident insurance
- accident travel insurance

So there will be no further costs for you.

Billing is fair per 15 minutes. 

We will be happy to make you an offer after a free consultation and inspection, please contact us via the button at the top of the bar. 

We speak the following languages,
- German
- Italian
- English
- French